Fame! Fortune! And Mental Stability!

We all have famous people that we look up to. These people can be inspiring to us in so many different ways. Oprah’s strength is something that I admire. She had gone through a lot in her early childhood as well as her early career and she used it as fuel to create a world for herself that was everything that she dreamed that it could be.

I look up to Matt McGorry (How to Get Away With Murder) for his bravery. Matt is constantly bringing awareness to unjust things in not only our country, but our world through his controversial and blunt social media posts.

I admire Zac Efron’s abs! Seriously! The way that he makes his health a priority is something that I strive to do on the daily basis. There’s also Jay-Z’s money, but that’s pretty self explanatory.

I may share some of the same admiration in these celebrities as others. Their bravery, their bodies, and their strength are very inspirational, but how often do we admire a celebrity because of how they take care of their brains? Did you know that many celebrities go to counseling or some type of mental health therapy? Living in the spotlight can be stressful and many seek professional help, just like us, to deal with the many challenges that they are faced with.

Huffington Post ran an article in 2017 spotlighting 12 celebrities who utilize mental health services and the benefits that they gain from them. Check it out below! Let’s start a trend of putting people on the map who realize that sometimes, they may need a little help; people who make their mental health a priority; people who are just like us!


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