Extroverts and Covid-19

This! Is! Torture!

I’ve never understood Ariel’s desire to be where the people are like I understand it now.

Covid-19 has caused a change in the way of life for so many people. As a therapist, I have a noticed a gradual decline in the mental heath of a lot of my clients. People are worried about finances, education, business, and health. All of these worries cause people to experience a stress that they are not accustomed to.

I can relate to my clients closely with the stress of being stuck in the house. New Orleans is now entering week 3 of the “stay at home” mandate. I completely agree with the mandate and I understand that it is for the safety of everyone. I cannot begin to express my appreciation for the government officials for implementing it and for the citizens who follow it, but as an extrovert, this is very hard!

Carl Jung was the first person to give the world an idea of what an extrovert is. An extrovert is a person who becomes more energetic when they are around other people. I love to be around people. It is one of the reasons that it is so hard for me to leave the wonderful city of New Orleans. We are constantly bombarded with festivals, concerts, and events. Regular weekends are filled with tourists (pre-covid of course). And…I…Live!

It isn’t unusual to find me making plans to hang out with my friends at any given time during the week. However, that has changed. Due to the virus, people like myself are having a hard time being away from people. This plays a role on our mental health by inviting depression, anxiety, and loneliness to creep into our lives. I often find myself in my thoughts for hours reminiscing of better and more social times.

So what are we supposed to do as extroverts? How can we continue thrive when we are forced to stay away from everyone else? I have personally found that staying active is extremely helpful. Whether it is punching the heavy bag in the yard or going for a walk in the neighborhood, it helps to get off of the couch and from in front of the tv.

FaceTime and Zoom have also been lifesavers! I have been able to keep on contact with my friends and am able to see their faces. We make plans to spend time together after all of this has passed. These simple conversations give me a little bit of hope during this time of stress.

Finally, and most importantly, I make consistent appointments with my therapist. Having someone to talk to about my troubles has been monumental. He helps me to view my extrovert anxieties through various perspectives and gives me helpful tips to deal with them.

Stay confident that we will get through this my friends! I will see you on the other side.

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