Client Testimonials

Working with Dr. Watley has been a wonderful experience through and through. I originally started seeing him for anger issues and depression. Through working with him, I was able to see the sources of my issues, various triggers, and ways that I was able to manage my symptoms of depression. I’m still continuing treatment to better understand and correct my illness, and I know Dr. Watley is one of the best people to help me through that.

I was referred to Andrew by my former counselor when my psychiatrist committed suicide in May, 2017. I was a bitter, grief stricken person when I met Andrew and I believed he wasn’t up to the complicated therapeutic mess that was me. We were different people at different points in our lives. Andrew listened to me voice my anger for a long time; he gently and poignantly challenged me and was openly spiritual with me which is rare in psychotherapy. As my anger began to subside, actuality (which is located right behind the eyes) dawned on me that my beloved psychiatrist of six years was dead. Seeing the change in me, Andrew gave me this analogy:“…you and I were running a marathon. You decided you were finished and veered off course, leaving me to run the marathon. Now Andrew (and to an extent, our mutual colleague) is running the marathon with me whereas you are on the sideline, cheering me. Except you are not on the sidelines, you are still running next to me, giving me strength and encouragement, I need to run my marathon…”As the months turned into years, Andrew helped me through my complicated grief. He was quick to recognize my strengths and weaknesses; he helped me turn my weaknesses into strengths. Andrew told me on more than one occasion that I am a success, a mosaic of sorts; he said I took my broken pieces and painted a beautiful picture of life. Two years later, I have embraced my grief and integrated it into my life and I see Andrew monthly. Our discussions are never boring; we talk openly of current issues without judgement. Andrew is a great counselor who utilizes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) with clients and he gives the best hugs.

Sometimes I feel like people come into our lives at just the right time. My family was going through some tough times, like many families do at some point in their lives. We were blessed with an amazing but “strong willed” child who is approaching his teen years. I was scared for what was to come for him and for my family as a whole. We tried therapy here and there, but we never found someone that my son found a “connection” with. Dr Andrew is our someone. If I could move him into my house to coparent with me and my husband, I would! Dr Andrew has a way of understanding, empathizing and teaching that left me thinking, “he has met his calling in life.” I always want my child to come to me and be able to talk freely about his feelings. But I also realize that teens don’t always feel comfortable doing so with their parents and being a teen, in this day and age, is difficult! It eases my mind knowing that we are not in this alone and that my son has someone he feels comfortable with to seek help and advice if needed. I cannot begin to express my gratitude to Dr Andrew for all he has done and continues to do to for my family. 

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