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“Inside every person you know, is a person you don’t know” ~unknown

Everyone has a story to tell. Sometimes the story of our lives may appear to be one of horror when we were in fact hoping for a fairy tale. Dr. Watley strives to help clients not only tell their stories but rewrite them as well. Through cognitive behavioral techniques, he encourages clients to change their perspectives of the situations in life that they can’t control and to make small strides to change the things that they can.


“The happiest couples never have the same character. They have the best understanding of their differences” ~unknown

Lets face it, relationships can be hard sometimes. There can be many different factors that hinder the “happily ever after” that we are taught exists for each of us. Dr. Watley works with couples both together, and individually to help them find a solution to any issues that may be effecting their relationship. He believes that relationships can flourish with mutual respect and healthy communication, skills that he is willing to help his clients learn.

Children & Adolescents

“Adolescents need freedom to choose, but not so much freedom that they cannot, in fact, make a choice” ~ Erik Erickson

Dr. Watley has worked in the Orleans Parish and Jefferson Parish school systems for a combined total of 10 years. He has worked with students as young as pre-K to as old as undergraduate age. Dr. Watley believes that by working with various age groups, he has been able to develop a healthy understanding of the growth cycle and some of the emotional stressors that may arise at different points of life. Dr. Watley uses a variety of techniques including play therapy as well as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy techniques to help his young clients identify their thoughts and how these thoughts effect their behavior.


“Some people are fortunate enough to be born into the right family. Others have to find their own way” ~Petyr Baelish (Game of Thrones)

Families are complex entities. Like small businesses, they are made of individuals with different roles that are necessary for it to function properly. When someone doesn’t fall into their perspective role, power struggles may develop, alliances may be formed, and chaos may emerge. Through family therapy, Dr. Watley helps the family bonds to be strengthened by allowing each member of the family’s voice to be heard. He tries to eliminate any triangulation that may develop and encourages the family to grow together as a unit.

Men’s Issues

“Men do not cry, men do not pout” ~ David de la Rocco

We live in a society where males are taught at a very young age that showing emotion is a form of weakness. Dr. Watley hopes to change this mentality by offering an opportunity through counseling for men to get in touch with their emotions in an effort to understand themselves more deeply. He completed his doctoral studies with a qualitative dissertation that explored the lived experiences of men who considered themselves a part of the fitness culture. Through this research, Dr. Watley hopes to shed light on body image issues, a concern that is usually associated with women, and how these issues may effect other parts of their lives.


“There’s nothing wrong with you. There’s a lot wrong with the world you live in” ~ Chris Colfer

Dr. Watley has a number of clients who identify as members of the LGBTQ+ community. As a member of the community himself, he is fully aware of some of the challenges that are associated with its affiliation. Through counseling, Dr. Watley works with his clients as they explore and maintain their unique identities. He hopes to promote acceptance and safety for all members of the LGBTQ+ community through his work with clients, continued research, and membership in various organizations that support the community.

Other Concerns:

Dr. Watley also sees clients with: addiction, anxiety, school related issues, self-harm, sexual issues, abuse, struggles with spirituality, stress, suicidal ideation, transitioning related concerns, eating disorders, mood disorders, and personality disorders.


Dr. Andrew Watley is now offering teletherapy services through Contact Dr. Watley to set up an appointment. You can find the appropriate paperwork in the forms tab.

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